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Idaho School Immunization Data 2014

Idaho is number one, but not for the right reasons. Read the story here.



 Idaho School Immunization Data 2013

Take a look at immunization rates for schools across Idaho in these cool infographics from the Idaho Statesman. Read the accompanying article below.


NIS immunization data map psdNational Immunization Survey (NIS) Data

Check out immunization coverage and trends according to information gathered by
the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The Idaho Immunization Program provides graphs showing Idaho coverage trends versus National coverage trends.

See Child NIS Data for the US and Idaho, 2006-2013
See Teen NIS Data for the US and Idaho, 2008-2013

For more information about the National Immunization Survey, visit the IIP Idaho and National Immunization Rates page.













The non-profit news organization Mother Jones looks at the current measles crisis across the country.